luni, 30 martie 2009

De ce, Tolea, de ce?

O sa ma abtin de la scrisul in limba engleza si de la edulcorarea limbajului pe care il voi folosi. De ce dracu va credeti cu totii cei mai buni? Nu sunteti. Am spus-o de o mie de ori si o s-o mai zic inca o data : ma pis pe aroganta voastra, pe anii pe care ii aveti in plus, pe petrecerile voastre rave , pe iarba pe care o fumati. Cu ce sunteti mai buni? Sau cu ce suntem noi mai prejos? Comentati mereu despre politica , despre incultura si despre prostie; eu va intreb, aveti vreun drept? Sau la ce bun sa comentati, din moment ce nici macar nu incercati sa faceti ceva?
Sigur e mai mult decat suficient sa fi boem , sa dai deampulea din falci despre ce nu e bine si sa zici screw the world . E mult mai simplu . Un joint pentru regatul meu, Romania!

duminică, 29 martie 2009

On genius part 2

No man should be regarded as a genius, because no man deserves being regarded as a genius.Who are we? Did anyone manage to overcome his/her condition throughout history?Aren't we just creatures , just tools in the hands of a higher power? The Creator of this world (either real or imaginary-offtopic note) is the only genius , whatever shape He/She desires to embrace. Eyebrows might rise, and examples could be given to oppose my idea; but let me go on with a few arguments.
Einstein is probably the first name that our society connects to the status of genius. I'll admit his scientific theories are genius, the fact that he used a higher percentage of his brain is genius, and even his quotes are genius.
Freddie Mercury is another "genius" of our conscience , widely regarded as the best musician of all times. His voice is genius, his lyrics are genius, the fact that he performed just in his underwear is genius.
Another "musical" example is Jim Morisson. His theories on freedom, his drugs , his alcohol, his music, his lyrics -genius.
This list could go on and on .These people did genius things because they were given this purpose, but do their deeds really label them as genius? Or is this just an ingenious plot of our Creator?
No matter how much we fight, we suffer, we believe we will always remain puppets , and we shall carry our burden forever. That burden is our will power , that tiny voice that dictates us to bring out the best (or the worst in us) .To me this is the price we have to pay for the Originary Sin: this irony is genius, isn't it? The thing that makes us different from the animals is actually our punishment , the mere consequence of our deeds.
In life there is one choice to be made between pursuing the goal that was set for you or the one that you set for yourself. Either way the destination is disater, but the path that leads you there makes a difference. Even in everyday life there are random words , sentences, deeds or just coincidences, that are genius.However you should always remember who you are and the limitations of your condition , therefore not judging these moments as your own creation, but rather as miracles from above. No matter how good you are at something , there will always be someone who is better , and above all that there is the "man" that is the best, the Creator. We've imitated his thoughts , his creations, his ideas rather unsucccessfully and because of a foolish courage that we are being punished for. History consists of mistakes and it repeats itself in a spiral . History was the only creation of mankind . It seems to me that all we are capable of is a series of vulgar flaws chronologically arranged; in the end all we have is a bestseller and too much misery in our souls to look into His eyes.

vineri, 27 martie 2009

On genius.

Be careful with the one you call a genius
For his shadow is not shining with good light
His brain is a mask of the spirit that lays inside
You'll lose yourself in the depths of this fight
This is the war no man should ever start
The curse of every human is enough
Your thirs of knowledge will kill you
Because the answers you are seeking now
Are worth more than just a broken life
Beware of the man who is a genius
For he has the answers
And in his fists he keeps humanity.

The meaning of life is death.Every breath you take brings you closer to your final destination. But the genius thoughts are the ones that bring you closer to your your you.

luni, 23 martie 2009


These spring-sunny-bubbly days were very refreshing for my state of mind, enabling me to settle free a new and improved persona; i am thankful for that. However this post doesn't celebrate the present, but the past. Exactly a year ago, I was hurt by someone that I cared about. Yes, I do know that these things happen, but I realize now that it took me a year of self pity , before I could stand up and actually forget.
But, now I found happiness in all the aspects of my life; I am thankful for that too.

sâmbătă, 14 martie 2009


I went out today with some friends and I had a sudden awkening while listening to them: good things , as in the real McCoy, come to the ones who deserve them. I'll admit, it was foolish of me to pose as a victim and to give up my chances of achieving Happiness. In life, you receive the mere consequences of your deeds, the result of any action . Therefore , it's not about destiny ( expecting things that are meant to happen) , but about making things happen. It is our choices that shape our life. A wrong decision may or may not affect one very much, but it certainly changes the trajectory of his days. Life is all about learning from your mistakes and fighting for the things you want.... fight for them until you deserve them. I believe they call it the Law of Attraction. I'd call it courage.

luni, 2 martie 2009

There are things that should never be written , because they would lose their authenticity. My 17 years took me to a quite predictable conclusion: my drug is happiness. Not love, not success....But happiness. To be consumed at all times. No shaking or freezing is needed. My happiness comes in an absolute way, and it is able to drive you crazy . When I'm in love, when I am loved, when I win, when I am myself. When the universe wants me to be happy.Truly. Madly. Deeply.