miercuri, 22 aprilie 2009

To my imaginary reader.

I know that I started this blog a year ago .I don't have many readers , there are no inside jokes between me and other bloggers. I know who I am and I am loyal to myself, so I haven't used propaganda in order to earn views. To be frank, I don't really care if anyone reads my blog and I won't sell my thoughts. I put too much of myself in these lines and I do not intend to become commercial.
Today , I went from bad to worse:I was furious , I was weak, I was sad. Why the fuck do I care so much? Why do I invest so much in people who do not deserve it? Then I wanted to experiment something different: you take away my fashionable clothes, my makeup ; dressed down and potentially vulnerable. Is there something left? Am I worth less now?
This experiment turned out to be very positive . It inspired me to change.
Everything you knew before you were born is in you. At due time, you will find a weird,playful, wonderful way to find that.

marți, 14 aprilie 2009

The mind issue

I feel like I'm loosing my mind. Literally. People say I think too much , I listen to way too much music, I read too much . But I've come to a point where , having all my regular excesses cut down, I have to use my mind in at least one noble way. I think about how many phases I've been through, how wrong I was, how many people I've hurt. I've also managed to develop this cinical , introspective , oscar wilde-like self... which is killing the good, positive , sunny part of me. It's the type of personality that I have always been craving, but now I'm not very proud of myself.
Today I lost my bible.
You may use your own concepts as a guideline.
But giving name to your concepts means starting a religion.
Don't dare to do so.