marți, 28 iulie 2009

Reverse of the Shade.

Nu trebuie decat sa te intorci intr-un loc pe care l-ai mai vazut ca sa iti dai seama cat de mult te-ai schimbat. Schimbarea cea din urma m-a lovit in moalele capului ,mi-a patruns ca o doza mult prea puternica in sange si s-a raspandit ca si ciuma din epicentrul miocardic pana in extremitatile corpului. Imi pare rau , domnule Oscar Wilde , dar simturile nu mi-au vindecat spiritul , si nici spiritul nu mi-a vindecat simturile; paradoxal, atat simturile , cat si spiritul meu s-au mutilat reciproc. Se pare ca fiecare idee pune in pericol viata pe care mi-o doresc, iar fiecare hotarare luata o anuleaza.
Incapabila sa ma mai definesc, lupt contra a tot ceea ce iubesc, arunc tot ceea ce la un moment dat a avut un sens . Am vrut sa ma distrug ca sa ma pot cobori la un nivel pe care nu il explorasem, dar acolo totul era un gol neintrerupt , o prapastie ce ma despartea de viata ce mi-as fi dorit-o. Am calcat atea in picioare: senzatii,pasiuni, cuvinte pe care le iubeam, note muzicale si amintiri, totul pentru o viata care nu merita.

sâmbătă, 25 iulie 2009

The Art of Playing Solitaire

There is fullfilment even in sorrow , there is lust even in absurd desire. This kind of art is grossly underrated, being thrown in the „lame” bucket by the people that do not know the pleasure of a single’s moment solitude.Yes , I've been single ,but not lonely and I enjoyed every minute of it. I love that special place where I 'm always right , where my demons become my drinking partners, where I can be whoever I want to be. No, I'm not pledging for lonliness , but for introspection , that divine state of mind . I know all about it, the tricks and the traps it includes ,because I tried at one point in my life, to explore more than just my feelings , or my brain , or my spirit. I tried to understand the connection between these. And that ,my friends , defines the art of playing Solitaire.

joi, 2 iulie 2009

Who's Lady Alien?

The lady part is quite I'm not going to emphasize the reason why I chose that ego. I am the most abnormal , outerspace and awkward person that I can think of. I decided that weird can be quite constructive and original enough to be turned into a self-branding tool. I am not good at promoting myself, but my awkwardness seems to be so intriguing lately that it almost took over who I am and made me an alien. Who am I?
Fucked up politics freak. Jewish. Insane yet reasonable. Aware of the rules that I'm constantly breaking. An old school villain, but not a bitch. Against the natural development of life. Sinner through blasphemy. Weird. Like an alien. Frankly, I don't give a damn ( as Clark Gable put it) about the negative reactions that the others might have towards me. I know who I am and I am more than you'd expect.
1. I secretly wish i were a boy.
2. I would choose politics over fashion anytime.
3. My aunt was a socialite in Paris in the 70's
4.I have never fallen in love
5. I cannot be deliberately mean.
6. I am a weirdoo caught in a group of high class assholes and whores.
7. I can be sarcastic and use my sense of humor elegantly
8. I am arrogant
9. I am proud to be Jewish
10. But then again, there 's so much more about me yet to be discovered.