duminică, 29 noiembrie 2009

Highway Chile

The highway was lost in dust and the weeds were struggling to get the man's attention . They were nasty , devilish creatures with rusty metal edges that had eaten the ground. On the smoked battelfield you could only see the burnt corpses of small rats and worms . The dry face of the general was filled with victory smile and the good ol'd machine gun was tired . It had had a long life , and the only thing to contemplate now was little time left before it would be thrown in the pile of junk, right next to his master's collection of animal eyes. It was a matter of vanity, of course. The leader of the weeds liked to measure the number of victims , just to keep evidence of such things. Rats were the favourite pray. Big enough to be a challenge to brag with, but easy to kill .Their corpses were like rolling stones when they were thrown in the nearby river. The weeds knew no failure ; they were the highway itself . The weeds were above good and bad , above sins and vices ; they were a embodying the primitive sense of justice ,that was lost when babylon fell. The pile of eyes was evergrowing, and it soon reached the sky . The weeds never tried to climb the Victory montain, because treading on the small , juicy, white globes was seen as impure. Only the general had the right to go up in the bluish skies and chat with God. The creatures knew no law other than : All weeds are equal , but some are more equal than others.

luni, 9 noiembrie 2009

Last 17 year old

1. Mi se zice cel putin o data pe zi ca-s ciudata.
2. Eu nu prea ii ascult pe ceilalti.
3 . Dau sfaturi excelente.
4. Sunt incapabila sa le urmez.
5. Am invatat rusa , pentru ca -mi place de Lenin.
6 . Ma fascineaza Pol Pot.
7. Si Charles Manson.
8. Raspoimaine fac 18 ani.
9. Desenez chiar bine.
10. Weirdly enough, cant si mai bine.
11 . Sunt si voi fi mereu a jerk.
12. Voi muri la 82 de ani , din cauza unei supradoze.
13. Il venerez pe Bob Dylan.
14. Tortul meu de la majorat va fi in forma de Fender.
15.Mai am aproximativ 9 luni de stat in Romania.
16. In viata mea au existat 3 tipi care mi-au modificat existenta radical.
17. Dorinta de ziua mea, aia pt cand suflu in tort.

In curand totul va - face- sens. Sper...

marți, 3 noiembrie 2009

Draga omule,

Ce frumos ti-ai facut tu legea-n lume

Ai imblanzit focul si-ale marii spume

Cum te-ai facut tu soare palid din pamant

Zeu intre viermi si vierme-n toate care sunt!

Cat te multi au fost cei care te-au inventat

Cu barbile lor lungi si scrisul apasat

N-a mostenit lumea asta desueta

O bruma de geniu intr-o eprubeta.

Animal de povara , poleit si chior

Tragi la jugul tau , ciung si fara d-un picior

Si uiti usor anii ce nu se mai intorc

Cand asezi coroana pe capul uni porc.