duminică, 9 ianuarie 2011

inside of the Brain Attack

I had a funny walk in a cave las night. The most peculiar architecture ; solid as a citadel yet voluptuous as the houses of mermen. But something wasn't right : it's walls were in fact made of little moving starshaped bricks and it's roof was wavy as a work of Gaudi. I even found myself treading on a thin red snake and when I looked up I realised the snakes were everywhere, In the strangest fashion, one of the creeping reptiles was pulsating insanely. I tell you gentlemen, it was rather intriguing to see how that bizzare entity blew up flooding the entire ballroom with blood. Then it hit me: I was inside of a brain, caught in a huge , grimey muscle and surrounded by cells . I had gone further than every scientist dream, every philosopher, and every shaman. I felt young again, powerful ,able to contol the inner workings of the most misterious territory of life.

Alas, like all irrefutably beautiful dreams it was gone ; it was like the Middle ages, underground, sunk in darkness and I swear I could hear plagues riding vermins around me. I had to get out of the brain, of the corpse and of the tomb, so I pierced through his eyes with the help of my sharp umbrella, and then through the coffin and the concrete with my bare hands. You know the rest of the story; as soon as I got home , I summoned you all in the grand room of this laboratory , radey to reveal humanity to itself.

'Oh , dear! I though that concussion wasn't that serious , Lawrence, but I'm afraid you need professional help!'

'I am perfectly fine. I was in a dead guys brain last night!'

'Everyone calm down.... Lawrence next time at least make up a funny story ... who has ever heard of walking in a brain...what nonsense!'

The professors and scientists in their white clothes clapped uniformly and smiled in disapproval. Meanwhile , Lawrence was breathing with difficulty, sweating while a vein on his forehead was pulsating insanely...