miercuri, 21 aprilie 2010

I'll be...

Better when I'm older. I'll love more, i'll love the people who deserve my love, i'll love beautiful, brilliant , original people. In every way possible, from the bottom of my heart. And i'll finally be honest with myself and admit that I made mistakes, I was swept away by the fascination of a face, without really looking deeply. This post goes to each person I ever loved.I'm really sorry for everything, i'm sorry for affecting your life , for ever being a turning point in your life. You are, all of you, really amazing people even if i might have said the opposite and I really wish you the best possible life.
As for me, I finally found the right moment to move on . I needed closure, and I must say I'm a mess when it comes to beautiful good bye's . All I can do is to be sincere at last and confess that you might not know it , but each and everyone of you taught me something and , in a very twisted way, all of you will always be part of me. Thank you!

duminică, 18 aprilie 2010

New life, new playlist.

Outta my comfort zone, there's a whole world of possibilities....So, here's the drill:
The Smiths
The replacements
Buena Vista Social Club
Rage against the machine
the Dandy Warhols
Iron& wine
Radio Moscow
Block party
Rock plaza central
white stripes
Okkervil River

These are the novelties... amazingly talented people that inspired me to change. Thanks.

vineri, 16 aprilie 2010

Like a drug lord...

Orice gest parea inutil...Mintea ei captura fiecare zvacnire, fiecare tresarire,fiecare atingere....si o resimtea visceral, din plin, ca pe o durere adanca,dar, in mod bizar necesara. Chiar si o gura de oxigen poluat.....deschidea in creierul ei viu perspectiva unui ritual;un ritual cu iz cubanez,cu un cer rosu ca sangele, o luna plina ca un sarut adevarat,si un hamac impletit de o pereche de maini bronzate. Ea isi dadea seama prea bine ca placerea pura e mai valoroasa decat banala fericire; caci lucrurile care dureaza putin....sunt cu mult mai apte sa trezeasca emotii noi, senzatii de nedescris.Nu-i lipsea coerenta, iar panoplia ei umana...era decorata cu insusirile omului superior. Era frumoasa in gesturi, in priviri, intr-un zambet. Si vedea lumea intr-un mod aparte, ca un dumnezeu minor,si asta o facea cu adevarat fascinanta. Era o hedonista, care isi gsise fericirea in relativitatea vietii. Parea ca poate supune o lume intreaga sa se conformeze gandurilor ei nebune, acute; dar nu o facea,caci cinismul ei o impiedica. Fata asta ar fi putut scrie lumea intr-un cuvant, dar nu o facea...caci si-ar fi irosit geniul ....printr-un proces subliminal de daruire completa. Lumea nu o putea pricepe,si nici macar nu-si dadea osteneala.Lumea nu o placea, pentru ca era prea mult adevar pe buzele ei.

joi, 15 aprilie 2010

Setting fire to sleeping giants.

That's what it feels like, when you do everything you can to distort reality in their minds, to manipulate their brains: you create little monsters with huge egos. You pull their strings for a while ,but there comes the unavoidable point when they bite the hand of their creators...and start a revolution, calling themselves prophets, leaders, killing machines. But, we do enjoy to play this game , to turn the tables in our favour whenever we find a way, to switch roles and statuses. Jumping to conclusions , all I can say is that:
-There is no real friendship...and all the preachers of this belief are phonies
-Hedonism is the only way to be myself;also being cynical isn't bad at all
-People change; never for the better
-I prefer loneliness to denying my true nature
-No matter how well you plan your stroke , in order to get something, you have lose something. In this respect, I feel like I finally made the right choice.
-A superior man is always followed by loneliness and a rusty halo and at one point or another he can't hide his intellect, his irony and his true colours
-The real choice is :accepting the damned superior condition or giving it up for a mediocre "happiness" ; I believe my decision is obvious enough.
Basically , that's the drill....no appologies, no regrets, no looking back. If being detached, refined and intelligent makes one look evil in their eyes ...then it's the rest of the world itself that's giving birth to an anti-icon. Thanks.

miercuri, 14 aprilie 2010

Lately, I've been developping the profile of the perfect bastard, a man whose traits are split into a variety of handwritings and thoughts. He is a byproduct of all the refined villains and not-so villains that I had the pleasure to meet, and it is hightime that someone created him. Beautiful and decadent like Dorian Grey, cynical like Lord Harry Wotton , obsessive like Humbert Humbert, nihilist like Holden Caulfield, armed with the black humour of the Joker and the words of Iago, refined like Rhett Butler . A hedonist, a nihilist, an anarchist; a walking contradiction. A man that can never be part of the world , but just float a few cm above the earth, with a sarcastic smile in the corner of his senusal mouth. A man who gave up his soul , a scared demon, a scary angel. So, who can invent this man? I'd write him , but my ink is too pale and my paper isn't white enough...There are moments when I look on evil simply as a mode through which I can realise my conception of the beautiful.

luni, 5 aprilie 2010

To R.

Dude...you really don't get rock and roll, do you? You're desperately holding on to some obvious standards ,while missing the point of the entire deal. You're listening to Aerosmith, the Stones or Zeppelin when you're driving and you feel like you own the world...but you defy your own purpose, dear. Call me when you realise you're not a rockstar.Come back to me after you've tried all your narrow fantasies, and i 'll slap you and give you the world . In a nutshell. Honey, I 'don't need/want you. My purposes go way deeper than that; yet it's so fun to watch you trying to be something you're not.