luni, 31 august 2009

With the blink of an eye

It is the last summer day. It is also the day when rock n roll saved my life by pulling me out of a sort of dense, slimy mass of crap thet you commonly call society. If die right now my last words will be : I'm on drugs and the narcotic that I can't seem to get enough of is music. I would literally die for music, because of music and probably thanks to music. Rock n roll is the only religion I believe in because it was the only one that revealed me to myself and it has the only gods that do not punish me for not obeying. Who said this music is dead is a fucking bastard who is too intoxicated with the bag of shit that we call mass media. No, rock n roll doesn't mean selling idols on vinyl , it is a feeling and more, the dementia of a nihilistic generation and its legacy will live forever through the people who don't just listen to the music, but actually manage to hear it. These musicians made our culture come to life and gave proof of genius. They were drunks , druggies and trashy but at least they had class. And a brain inside their heads who gave birth to symbols and concepts covered with the dust of time and foolish arrogance. Rock n roll is alive and it still inspires and motivates in a world of sorrow and fake beliefs.

marți, 25 august 2009


I feel the need to post, but I don't really have many original thoughts these days so I'll just add a list of my favourite songs at the moment.
Guns n Roses- Paradise City
Guns n Roses- Civil War
Alexandrina Hristov-Nimic nu e ca tine
Cradle of Filth- Nymphetamine Fix
Creed -One Last Breath
Crystal Castles-Magic Spells
Digitalism- Apollo-Gize
The Doors- Break on Through
The Doors- Love Me Two Times
The Doors-People are Strange
Karsh Kale-Distance
Metallica-Fade to Black
Metallica - One
Michael Jackson- Dirty Diana
Muse -Supermassive Black Hole
The National-Slow Show
Nickelback-How to Remind Me
Poets of the Fall- Illusion & dream
Thieves Like Us-Drugs in My Body
The Windupdeads-Reverse of Shade

miercuri, 12 august 2009

Join me in darkness.

She was a dark angel , unable to control her evil thoughts and her inevitable thirst. He was the one who would always remind her who she really was. She still had her fingers crossed when he kissed her and his lips brought her to life. Once again , he had defeated her demons , without even knowing it.For him , she was the one person whose mind he couldn't understand, like a dark creature with huge mood swings. He loved her as she was: scary, beautiful, dark and innocent.

vineri, 7 august 2009

one last breath.

I could be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel all alone. People who pretend to be older , younger, smarter, nicer, sexier, better...I 've seen them all in just one night. What brought me down was not them not accepting me as a part of their elitist group , but the mere act of pretending. Never in my life have I seen such a lack of common sense and authenticity . Tonight I decided once more that I hate the others. Still , I hate being alone as well. This is the paradox that broke my heart : I can't live without the people that I can't stand, because they do not understand who I really am and how much love I have to offer. Hatred.